A blog? Are you kidding me?

I have nothing to say of significance but I do find that I like to talk a lot and I care a good deal about SWTOR… and also the domain I wanted on WordPress was available so I thought I better snap it up and then I thought it would be wasteful, no — irresponsible! — to let it sit there with nothing written, so there you have it.

So yeah, SWTOR. I love it. I think I might be spending too much time playing it and too much time orbiting around it with my activities: guild leadership, website management, SWTOR Twitter, SWTOR Facebook, a SWTOR podcast and now– seriously?– a blog?

So maybe it won’t just be about SWTOR. I like books. I read more than Dev Posts and Operations guides. No really, honest. *Brandishes Kindle defensively* See? Oh, well no, I am not actually reading that Dostoyevsky tome I downloaded from the library… but see that one there? Yes, that one. I am reading You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by every geek’s #1 girl, Felicia Day, and I am really enjoying her (relatively) frank memoir filled with social awkwardness, plucky resilience, humor and a confession that she suffered from an MMO addiction. (Pause.) Oh.

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  1. You go girl….wow, seriously looking forward to when you start streaming SWTOR…lol is the only thing left you haven’t tackled that I can see. (unless you’re holding out on us all)

    Great start, looking forward to reading what you write down in the future. 🙂

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  2. Indra Lott says:

    Awesome.. Bookmarked for future reading.. 🙂

    I know i dont see most of the guild .. Cuz of timezones.. 😦 worse than darth brundles..
    But reading the guild site .. listening to your podcasts and now your blog.. Can tell you are an active and awesome guild lead. Much more than any other guild leads ive had in other mmos..

    Keep it up


  3. Hey, a new SWTOR blogger! Writing about whatever you want is the best way to keep motivated for writing a blog, in my experience. Also, welcome to the SWTOR blogosphere! 😀


    1. Thanks! It’s just a way to give voice to the constant Old Republic buzzing in my head. Appreciate the feedback!

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