A Year Without The Sun

Chapter 1: The Apprentice and The Liar’s Moon

She wondered if she had made a mistake coming here so late.  She walked with her shoulders back and an air of superiority, the best defense against the opportunistic vermin that slithered like yeomets through Nar Shaddaa’s back alleys. Despite her posture, the confidence that had buoyed Veshielle earlier sank as she filled her lungs with the moist, motionless air. The lack of natural light on this soulless moon was easy enough to adapt to but what she could not get used to was the utter stillness of its air. There was no breeze to animate the rubbish that littered the broken pavement in front of the cantina or to carry a bird on its wake above the heads of the dreary assortment of aliens that cluttered the doorways along the alley. Veshielle paused across the road from the Liar’s Moon and studied a cluster of men engaged openly in the sort of unsavory trading that she had observed throughout the city’s lower levels. They transacted their business just beyond the small area surrounding the cantina door that the bouncers kept free of riffraff, a service they performed in order to allow patrons a clear path inside to spend their credits. She was certain that the man she had come to see would not be among the spice dealers, nor would she find him with the dreary denizens who crouched gambling under the crackling neon signs that glowed cheerlessly above every disreputable business in the sector. No, her quarry would not linger in this filth any longer than necessary. The man she sought was, after all, a Jedi Master.

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