A Year Without the Sun

Chapter 6: In Liar’s Moon

Trixy yawned as inconspicuously as possible. She wondered if Korr and Piron were deliberately trying to throw her off the scent of whatever business they were here to transact by boring her into unconsciousness. She had been at their table an hour and thus far had heard nothing to tickle a smuggler’s– correction, former smuggler’s– ears.

She allowed her gaze to drift around the dim room, lingering briefly on several of the more interesting faces. A Kobok sat a few meters to her right, his orange eyes narrow as he drummed three insectoid fingers on the table. He appeared to be impatiently waiting for someone to join him in the shabby booth. Further down the wall, leaning against the side of the jukebox, was a slim, light-blue skinned Twi’lek. He sagged back, ropey arms crossed over his chest, a cigarro hanging from his mouth. His pose was meant to convey nonchalance but his eyes were clear and watchful. They briefly met Trixy’s as he too scanned the room.

“Only problem is,” Piron was prattling on nervously, “it c-c-an be hard to find mechanics to work on the Tekan once you leave the Core Systems.” He looked expectantly at Trixy and she obliged him with a nod of agreement. Korr continued looking into the amber liquid in his latest glass of spirits and said nothing.

After a beat, Trixy rose from her chair. This is going nowhere, she grumbled under her breath. To the two men she said  “It’s been really great catching up, but I have to call it a night.” To her credit, she kept the sarcasm from her tone–nearly. She smiled at Piron and added, “Nice to meet you.”

The Rodian smiled back, looking relieved, and glanced at his companion. Korr stood and nodded toward Trixy gravely. “Goodnight. May the Force travel with you, Captain.”

“You betcha,” Trixy replied. “See ya next time, ” she added with a quick wink. She turned on her heel to leave and nearly collided with a young woman walking in the direction of their table.

“Oh, pardon,” Trixy murmured. She quickly took in the slender woman with striking red hair pulled back from a delicately-featured face. But the woman did not appear to register Trixy’s presence at all. Her eyes, greener than Bespin carbon emeralds, were fixed with determination on the man behind her.

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