Crisis on Umbara videos (spoiler free)

Sunday morning, the official teaser for Crisis on Umbara hit YouTube as a group of SWTOR content creators in the Influencer program, given early access to show the trailer, put it up on their channels. The video will be “officially” released by Bioware on Tuesday, August 15.

Here is the teaser. It has no story spoilers.


We at Passionately Casual Podcast were excited to be given the chance to preview the teaser and make something creative from it. Blue RayFor our video, we decided it would be fun to do a behind-the-scenes commentary, similar to what you might get as a special feature on a DVD. We took a look at the footage with an eye toward finding funny elements in the 40-second clip. We think we found some.

Crisis on Umbara DVD Extras script

Director: Working on a SWTOR film was a childhood dream of mine.

Director: For these shots we used a model of the planet Umbara made of bleu cheese, which our visual effects director held up with barbecue tongs in front of a red lightbulb.

Theron: Playing Theron Shan fulfills all my fantasies.

Lana: But you are Theron Shan.

Theron: Yeah. I am, aren’t I?

Director: Try to ignore the Clone Wars Era ship flying behind us, it was from the soundstage next to us at the studio.

Outlander: I’m pretty sure the script supervisor lost her job over that.

Producer: As the executive producer, I was responsible for many key decisions. See that new outfit the Outlander is wearing? Yeah, that was my idea.

Outlander: That’s my stunt double, Bob;  my contract doesn’t allow me to leap.

Lana: We had to take that shot about 8 times, Theron kept landing on his *BEEP*.

Theron: Not true! Well, I mean technically it’s true but –not cool. Definitely not cool.


You can see the official teaser video on the YouTube channels of several SWTOR Influencers. Yes, it’s the same video on each channel, but what’s fun is that every YouTuber has their own group of followers, so the community responses are all different.

Vulkk, Kid Lee, and SWTOR Central each played the video without commentary. The SWTOR Guy also did some analysis of the content. Here are all the links:

Vulkk SWTOR Flashpoint CRISIS ON UMBARA Exclusive Teaser

Kid Lee SWTOR – Crisis on Umbara Teaser Trailer

The SWTOR Guy Crisis of Umbara Teaser Trailer & Analyse

SWTOR Central Crisis on Umbara Teaser Trailer

To stay current on all of the latest news on Game Update 5.4, with no datamined spoilers, visit

Updated 14 August: SWTORISTA (@swtorista) has made a terrific video that summarizes what we know so far for the new game update and has no spoilers. 


Also, Passionately Casual Podcast will be featuring background data on Umbara from our Star Wars lore expert this week so stay tuned!




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If you are interested in checking out what’s going on in the SWTOR Influencer community, check out the following links. A special thanks to SWTORISTA who curated this list!


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