Our America


I want to live in a place where the community works together and everybody knows what their responsibilities are and they do it with a sense of community pride because they all know they equally belong here, pitching in, respecting their neighbor, or at least tolerating them if they don’t quite always understand them. And, like any healthy relationship, they don’t mind helping each other, pulling a little bit more than their weight because they know that some days we all need a little help and maybe one day somebody is going to help them, too. Sometimes a few people skate by, which is frustrating, but so many more good people benefitting outweighs this annoyance. It’s for all of us.
I’m literally sick of this great pile of wealth and loopholes and greed under the feet of a few with a monster standing at the top of it, emboldening more greed and hate from the greediest and most hateful among us.
He stands upon our backs and on our toes with his inherited Empire, his false hurricane insurance claims on his double-dipping golf resorts, his gleeful destruction of pieces of irreplacable heritage American architecture that the Metropolitan museum begged him not to jackhammer, his attempt to silence our free press, his great sell outs of our secrets, our environment, our elderly and our children, his pussy-grabbing, posturing and viscious tweeting and his pissing on 200 years of American values: namely, that this country is for everyone who’s willing to work for it, it’s founded on the sweat of immigrants, and women, and human beings of all backgrounds and it’s not for sale to build garish hotel towers to line his greasy pockets. It’s our America, all of ours.

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