Star Lores: Umbara

Star Lores with Wil Wright is a new segment on Passionately Casual Podcast . This series features a discussion of various aspects of the Star Wars/SWTOR universe. These segments are unique because they present a topic from an RP perspective, synthesizing facts from various canonical and Legends sources into a short audioblog. This turns the material from a dry list of facts into an interesting narrative story.

Segment one, published in August, takes a look at the shadow world of Umbara. This episode is presented from the perspective of a Jedi Keeper of Holocrons who has been asked to compile information on the planet. Enjoy!

Star Lores will appear each month on Passionately Casual. You can follow the creator of Star Lores on Twitter @MandoLegion and follow Passionately Casual Podcast @PC_Podcast

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