Stardust Pop AKA Not Necessarily Star Wars

Welcome to the new safe space for my nanoblogging, pretties and stuff that is not necessarily Star Wars (though it’s not necessarily not). Ooh, now my head hurts.  If you follow Tatooine Dreams, that is still my main SWTOR and Star Wars Home Planet but this is more for posting casual thoughts and feelings (ewww, gross!) without ruining the whole Force Vibe over there. You are welcome to join me if, for any bizarre reason, this appeals to you. Your first fizzy drink is free.*

*Free fizzy drink not available in all markets. Stardust Pop assumes no responsibility for injury or damage to any person or property that arises during, or as a result of, consuming or standing in the general proximity of the fizzy drink. User bears cost of own zombie-transformation and/or alien abduction. Must be 21 to play. Please gamble responsibly.

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