Book Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone- Kindle in Motion Edition

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Kindle-in-Motion Edition 

What can I say about the Harry Potter books that hasn’t been said literally thousands of times (in dozens of languages)? So many people describe these books as transformative, whether they first read them as a nine-year-old, or like me, as an over-forty! The timelessness of the characters, the heroes’ journey, the themes of friendship and bravery, and the power of good against evil are as reassuringly immortalized in this series as any that I have I read. The most valuable thing about Harry Potter to me is the books’ ability to make me feel like a kid– and like anything is possible!

The Illustrated versions with drawings by artist Jim Kay are absolute treasures. The first three books are available now in coffee table editions that are glorious to behold, with the next book scheduled to come out next year. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is available as a special e-book with lovely animations added digitally to the illustrations, and that is the book I am reviewing here.

Really, let’s not be coy, the review is short and is “yeah, you know what, buy this book.” Even if you have the hardcover illustrated edition (which I do), the addition of the wonderful animations is worth the extremely reasonable price.

Here are a few pictures from the book. There are TONS of pictures, but I only chose a couple so as not to ruin the wonder of discovering them yourself!

Check out this interesting behind the scenes video from Pottermore on the making of the Kindle book, which shows how much tech and talent are required to bring the magic to life this way. One of my favourite pictures in the book is of Diagon Alley, which took 200 layers to animate.

BookPop Review: I will go back to this book again and again for the story and the lush illustrations. So, my review on this book is — YES YES YES–Definitely read this!

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  1. Stardust Legacy says:

    The media was not working when I first posted, so I apologize if you are a subscriber and got that broken version to your inbox. Sorry also that the review is rather lacking in substantive analysis, I really just wanted to show you the pretties and my words don’t add much here!


  2. Nicola Folkes says:

    I would like to read this book on my Mac via a weekly zoom call to a student who is currently learning online at home. Do you know if that would be possible?
    Thanks for your help.


    1. I’m not sure. I have not tried it using the Kindle app or browser on a computer. Also not sure what copyright issues you might need to consider. Sorry I can’t be more help!


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