Jewelry Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online

With the launch of the Summerset game update in June (late May for early access on PC/Mac) players will be able to craft jewelry ingame. Sadly, this won’t be cosmetic but it will add stats.  Jewelry crafting will work along the same lines as the current system for equipment crafting and we can certify in the trade to obtain daily crafting writs to help us level this trade. Many things in this system are new, however and I have included the entire guide for your reference.

Some quick notes:

  • While anyone can purchase and wear crafted jewelry, only players who purchase the Summerset game update will be able to craft. Players without the Summerset chapter can still farm and sell mats.
  • A ring and necklace will be given as rewards for finishing the two quest lines of Summerset.
  • While you will be able to deconstruct jewelry found in game, this will ONLY apply to jewelry that you acquire once Summerset launches, so there is no need to hoard in advance.
  • Materials will be located in different regions of Tamriel and some will be quite rare.
  • There will be a refining process, similar to equipment crafting now in game.
  • Six new traits are being added just for jewelry, and you can only research one at a time, which is different to the other trades, see the tab below for details.

Are you planning to crating jewelry in Tamriel? I know I can’t wait!

See the full guide on Elder Scrolls Online or click on tabs below to explore



[TABS_R id=7035]

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