Jedi Under Siege New Splash-Art Reveal

Warning this post contains spoilers for the latest SWTOR Update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege

Thank you to Bioware for allowing me to post the keyart in advance of release.

(Note: Art displays best from desktop, WordPress seems unfriendly to mobile viewing)

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest update is chock-full of interesting new and returning characters.

The November Developer livestream introduced some new faces and the return of a minor character from Korriban.

Tau Idair

Tau Idair is a Jedi with a painful past. You can work with her if you join with the Republic.

Major Anri

Major Anri, the witty and pragmatic leader of Raven Squad will join you to fight for the Empire.


Jedi Master Gnost-Dural, Keeper of the Jedi Archives is determined to stand up to the Dark Side.


General Daeruun loves the arts almost as much as he loves the Republic.


Malora is now a Darth but still into creepy science stuff in a big way.

You start the Ossus mission by choosing your side and meeting with one of Lana’s contacts. She has the most interesting LinkedIn connections….


When you play on the Empire you take your orders from NR-02, the fun loving protocol droid who once belonged to Grand Moff Kilran (you will remember him from the Black Talon flashpoint.)


Republic players get to meet up with ultra-smooth Jonas Balkar on Nar Shaddaa.

Once you get planetside, you will see these companions from the origin game


Doc is as cocky as ever and handy in a medical emergency. (Pub Only)


Nadia has dedicated herself to the Jedi cause on Ossus. (Pub Only)


Jaesa comes back and boy is she mad… (Sith Warrior through Alliance Alert Only.)


Khem Val still loves a snack of Jedi flesh. (Imp Only) Photo from

And now for the big reveal that you probably have already heard about….

Hmmm where have we seen those shoulder pads before….

That’s right! The airlock was no match for fan-favorite Darth Malgus. He is back and more buff and lavender than ever!

Here is the new splash art featuring Malgus, to be officially released by Bioware today

Official Art Courtesy of Bioware

If you would like a high resolution copy for yourself, click here

Check out the new Official trailer here:

For all the details (and I mean ALL) on Jedi Under Siege (which, by the way, I think is brilliant!) be sure to check out Vulkk’s comprehensive guides and videos. Interested in the brand new datacrons available on Ossus? Kid Lee’s guide is a wonderful resource.

End Transmission.

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