Twitter for one

I’ve been mulling over restarting this blog for awhile. I suck at blogs— at least I suck at consistently writing a blog, which I think is the main point of the format. But wow, Twitter, my main medium for posting random thoughts, jokes, art, and insights, is a becoming untenable and frankly unsafe for a lot of people

. I deleted the app from my phone (big whoop, right?) and that does help me spend a little less time there. I have also tried Twitter alternatives like Hive (cliquey and pretty static), Instagram (not terrible, but good luck meeting new friends there), Tumblr (literally no one engages with me on Tumblr) and Mastodon (Byzantine and clunky but probably the closest to what I want). I have been duplicating some of my posts across the platforms to see where they stick but I feel like a carnival hawker (“Step right up and interact with me! ..Please??”)

So I don’t know, I’m not ready to leave Twitter just yet, but every day is a new opportunity for The Cringe (AKA Musk) to drive me off for good, so we’ll see happens.

So yes, maybe I will pick up writing here, but no promises. Even saying I might post raises the specter of the dreaded abandoned project, the remains of many of which I have left in my rearview mirror. But new year and all that, right? And I seriously doubt anyone is keeping score.

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